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Sliding Vane Pump

AEPL is one of the reputed vane pump manufacturers. Our sliding vane pump are built with high mechanical efficiency. Our energy-efficient and world class vane pump are widely used for LPG and ammonia transfer & filling.

Our Vane pump are the type of positive displacement pump utilized by industries to move fluids or transfer liquid chemicals and liquefied gases. A constant amount of liquid flows through the cavity of the vane pump. The right model of vane pump can be chosen based on the volume of the liquid to be transferred. We have three models of vane pump that are suitable for low viscosity fluids such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Ammonia.

We manufacture light weight vane pump that are easy to install and maintain. Our standard models 55S, 55F, 58S and 58 F come with a capacity of 50 GPM to 90 GPM. We can build customized pump up to a capacity of 350 GPM as per client requirements. Our production team uses high-end technologies to manufacture the machined components with precision.

We are experts in vane pump manufacturing and give our clients a guarantee of high volumetric efficiency and quiet operations. The short shafts used in our vane pump keep it vibration-free. Our vane pump are designed with a built-in by-pass arrangement for the required pressure control.

Our vane pump are made using superior quality raw materials that can withstand wear and tear due to usage for a long time.

Technical Data:

  • Body: Cast Carbon Steel A216 WCB.
  • Mounting: Stationary or truck mounting.
  • Model: L.H. or R.H. mounting as per requirement.
  • Operation: Quiet operation.
  • Capacities: Upto 120 RPM (450 Litres / Minutes)
  • Power Consumption: Low
  • Seal: Stationary & rotary seal.
  • Temperature: AISI 304
  • Max. Working pressure: Ni. C.I.

Benefits & Specifications

  • Our Vane pump has minimum moving parts & is easy to install.
  • It has built-in by pass arrangement to control delivery pressure.
  • Short shafts & heavy duty bearing are used in our vane pump assuring vibration-free operation and long life.
  • It has precision machined component to guarantee high volumetric efficiency & quiet operation.
  • Our vane pump is compact & light weight.
  • The entire pump is made using high quality Cast Carbon Steel A216 WCB.
  • It has temperature range of AISI 304
  • Stationary seal like neoprene & Rotary Seal like mechanical are used in this vane pump.

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