Safety Relief Valves

Safety relief valve and pressure relief valve manufacturers

We are pressure relief valves and safety relief valve manufacturers with engineering expertise as per global standards. Industrial safety valves are extremely important equipment for clients dealing with pressurized systems. Our infrastructure and the resources are ideal to manufacture custom-made safety valves as per client specifications. With time, we have established ourselves as trusted safety relief valve and pressure relief valves manufacturers by catering to reputed clients throughout India and Bangladesh, and across the globe.

Our safety relief valves and pressure relief valves are manufactured as per approved drawings under third party supervision. Brass valves, Carbon Steel valves and Stainless Steel (S.S.) are the variants available for the body of the valves. Neoprene or Teflon seats are used with an AISI – 304/410 Seat Holder. We manufacture two types of valves- Pop Action Type valves and Angle Discharge type valves. These valves are ideal for tank mountings or pipeline fitting.

Our Pop Action safety relief valves internal mounting are used widely in storage and transport tanks. These valves can protect any enclosed pressurized LPG system. They can be also be used to relieve hydrostatic pressure in liquid lines with minimum loss. The standard model Angle Discharge Type valves come with a Carbon Steel body. These valves are generally used in Standard LPG / Propane tanks. The other applications of Angle Type Discharge valves include tanks for NH3, VCM, MMA, DMA and other liquefiable gases.

Every plant requires a different kind of safety relief valve. The safety valves or pressure relief valves will need customization based on performance requirement or application areas. To meet the specification of the client’s plant, we custom-design the valves. Our clients can choose from a variety of sizes, materials and end connections to suit their needs.

Our standard valves come with a particular set pressure. The pressure can be set to other values as required by clients. As trusted pressure relief valves and safety relief valve manufacturers, we provide our clients with all the necessary quality certifications that are required for the SRVs, from authorized certifying agencies. Sizes covered by our manufacturing range are ¼” (6 mm) to 6” (150 mm).

Safety Relief Valves

POP Action Safety Relief Valves

Angle Type Discharge Safety Relief Valves

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