Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become the global supplier/provider of choice who provide the quality products and services preferred by our customers.

One Stop Shop for LPG & NH3

Our Mission

  • Through quality assurance and stringent evaluations, provide our customers with accurate data, quality products and consistency in services.
  • Develop and maintain a supplier/customer relationship based on open communication, mutual trust and respect.

Value Added Goals

  • Customer Service and Support
  • Continued Quality Improvements
  • Leadership and Professional Growth
  • Innovation and Resource Managers
  • Easy ordering due to in stock inventory for standard inventory products
  • Competitive prices quality products and services.

Quality Policy

We are committed to attaining 100% quality & reliability in the manufacturing of LPG Vaporisers, Safety Fittings, Vanes, Pumps, Gauges, for diverse applications, complying with customer requirements.

We will achieve this through

  • Establishing measurable Quality objectives & Performance Indicators at relevant functions & levels.
  • Effective Implementation of applicable Quality Standards
  • A high degree of process control for manufacturing products to meet customer requirements.
  • Constant Commitment to meet and exceed customer’s expectation for Product Quality & Performance at competitive price by motivating & involving people, upgrading technology, implementing & continually improving the effectiveness of Quality system
  • Enhancing internal & external customer satisfaction
  • Adherence to applicable statutory & regulatory requirements
  • Adherence to environment, health & safety (EHS) requirements at workplace & continuous improvement in house-keeping (5S)

One stop shop for all your LPG, NH3 & other pressurised gas storage needs