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AEPL is not only one of the leading LPG Tank equipments manufacturers based in India but also a trusted supplier of international quality accessories for road and storage tankers. We supply superior quality ACME adapters and hoses for road and storage tankers.

ACME adapters are also known as ACME nozzles, ACME threads and ACME connectors. The ACME adapter makes a perfect sealing solution before any liquid/vapour transfer. These adapters are widely used in the LPG industry because they are ideal for piping arrangements enabling smooth vapour recovery and filling.

ACME adapters are suitable for road and storage tankers, wherein the regular need to make and break connections becomes easier with a reliable sealing solution. Being a one-stop shop for gas storage needs, AEPL also delivers hoses with acme nutsas quality gas fitting suppliers.

At AEPL, our quality assurance is supported by our technical expertise and rich industry experience. We procure the best raw materials to produce the best accessories in the gas fittings industry.
Accessories for road and storage tankers are equally important in reducing wastage, saving costs and ensuring safety in the gas storage industry. Therefore, we strictly follow international quality and safety standards along with SOPs to deliver the quality promised by us.

Special Features :

We have earned the reputation of being reliable LPG tank equipment manufacturers. Our capabilities allow us to offer customisations as per client requirements. We are able to provide flexible solutions with the help of our design experts and experienced engineers who can offer innovative ways to solve engineering challenges in LPG handling.

Application :

As LPG/Propane tank equipment suppliers, we offer LPG/Propane tank equipments manufacturer such as LPG/Propane tank handling equipment (Safety Valves, Content gauges, FLG, MLG, etc) for various applications. Our engineering components are used by reputed clients for operating storage tanks, LPG pipelines, LPG filling plants, Auto LPG filling stations, Road Tankers etc.

Technical Data :

We provide ACME nozzles/threads/connectors/adapters with standard specifications. For customised LPG tank equipments, kindly contact us. The material of construction depends on the service and media used

Safety features :

Being a respected LPG tank equipment manufacturer, we follow industry-recognized safety standards. We deliver quality products that are extensively tested across various parameters. We offer quality certificated and test reports as required along with our products as part of our quality assurance services.

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