LPG Handling Equipments for Storage Tank & Filling Station

LPG handling equipment

AEPL is a reputed name for building LPG, Propane & Ammonia Bulk Storage Handling Systems including LPG tank installation and LPG filling stations installations.

Usually, LPG, Propane & Ammonia Bulk Storage Handling Systems are needed by big hotels, hostels and similar places. Our high-quality lpg handling equipment are designed skilfully by master craftsmen, based on the space and the storage capacity required by our clients. Also, the AEPL team undertakes efficient LPG tank installations and LPG filling station installations keeping safety concerns and statutory guidelines in mind.

We take care of the entire Bulk Installation process including planning, designing, engineering and commissioning with speedy project execution. After every installation of LPG, Propane and Ammonia Bulk Storage Handling Systems at client site, our team conducts regular trainings for users. These trainings educate users about necessary safety measures, efficient operations and necessary maintenance.

For setting up of LPG, Propane & Ammonia Bulk Storage Handling Systems, we provide end-to-end solutions including design, erection, testing and commissioning. The LPG tank installations are assembled using high-quality, certified IS Standard components such as pressure regulators, hoses, fire management systems, and more. The material quality used for lpg handling equipment enhances the sturdiness and shelf life of the Bulk Storage Handling Systems.

Our well-designed installations have helped our clients to save costs on repairs and maintenance. As part our plant maintenance paid services, we offer a well-trained service team to ensure smooth operations and continuous LPG supply post installation. We use Mild Steel or Stainless Steel components for LPG Tank installations. Other metals can also be used to manufacture custom components for specific clients, as needed.

With a team of experienced engineers and safety experts, we have successfully completed several LPG, Propane & Ammonia Bulk Storage Handling System Installations for a number of clients. We pay special attention to safety by inspecting each and every component before installation, and testing it as per safety standards to avoid hazards.

AEPL is also a trusted name by clients for LPG tank installations and LPG filling stations installations. Our quality and safety benchmarks make us a reliable service provider.

Special Features :

  • We provide LPG tank safety equipments & accessories to build a gas leak detection system, a fire fighting and water sprinkler system, and a tank gauging system.
  • Our LPG handling equipment can be used to build a facility for unloading of LPG from a ship into storage tanks.
  • We can also develop a sophisticated alarm system to alert other systems when the tank reaches 85% of its capacity.
  • Additionally, our specialties include building a suitable facility for filling small cylinders with LPG from storage tanks.


Our LPG handling equipment is used in applications involving crude oil tanks, LPG storage, oil terminals etc. We offer our expertise in setting up facilities that manage resources such as petrol, kerosene, diesel, ethylene, jet fuels, propylene, and others.

Technical Data

  • Design Code      :     ASME, PD 5500, IS 2825
  • Design Pressure  :  19.25 kg/cm2
  • Design Temperature  :  -20 Deg C to + 55 Deg C
  • Volume               :  100 M3 to 5000 M3 Total Storage

Safety features

While assisting in building facilities for various applications, we ensure safety by putting up safety systems such as gas leak detection system, tank gauging system, high-temperature protection system, flame detection system, high-pressure detection system, alarm system etc. Additionally, our LPG tank equipment and accessories include the vital safety valves that are offered as per the required technical specifications.

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