Heaterless Vaporizer

Heaterless Vaporizers

Heaterless Vapourizer

It is quite surprising to call this vapouriser “heaterless” as heat input is essential to provide the latent heat & sensible heat. Surprising, but this Heaterless vapouriser does not use any external source of electrical power to supply heat. The design of this vapouriser is based on thermo dynamic properties of volatile liquids& the fluid is flashed by throttling the flow, by passing it through a pressure reducing valve& the consequent drop of pressure causes chilling. Ambient water provides the source of heat to the fluid for vapourisation, in the heat exchanger.

The enthalpy of the liquid is partly used for vapourisation. The complete process uses no major source of electric power & the only electric power is used to run the water pump, pumping ambient temperature water to the heat exchanger. This water is drawn from a large storage tank where the cold water coming from the heat exchanger is mixed with the water in storage tank. The capacity of storage tank is designed so that the temperature drop in the storage tank is negligible.

Suitable instrumentation & interlocks are provided to ensure safe operation& to ensure no liquid goes downstream of the vapouriser. Number of instrumentation such as liquid level pressure switch are used along with thermosat and water flow switch. All of these instrumentation including ball valve are fire safe and FLP. The attached chart shows approximate savings & recovery period based on 16 hours per day operation of the vapouriser.

These vapouriser function satisfactorily at ambient temperatures as low as 4° C. Due to the inherent design features, the HLVAP vapourisers are eco-friendly, highly efficient& only is power saved directly but by not using electric power the losses in the line are also avoided. The operators will find it very easy to operate and maintain. The control panel is very simple even though there are no of instruments used.

Though the initial investment is high, the economical cost of running these vapourisers leads to early cost recovery – within 2 to 6 months depending on the running time.

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