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As leading excess flow check valve manufacturers, AEPL produces several types of EFCV in various sizes and using various materials based on client needs. Screwed, flanged, internal and sandwich are the types of excess flow valves, manufactured in standard sizes by.

For specific industrial processes, the valves can be completely custom-engineered. There can be modifications in the material used, pressure settings, designs and end connections.With the series 2100 valves, installation can be done on tanks or in pipelines.

Our series 3100 excess flow check valves are designed for installation on tanks. Their key characteristic is high flow capacity with less pressure drop. The valves have male threads on inlet side and female threads on outlet side. These valves can beused in any position.

The Anil-make series 7100 excess flow check valves come with female threads on inlet and outlet areas. These are also high flow capacity valves with low pressure drop. Designed specifically for installation in lines, these valves are ideal for liquid or vapour.

The applications of flanged excess flow check valves and sandwich type valves include LPG, Propane, NH3 Storage tanks, road tanker and pipe lines. The customized valves can be used for VCM, DMA, MMA, CO2 and O2 as well. The internal excess flow check valves can be utilized for LPG Propane road tankers and storage tanks. This type is provided with arrangement for isolation and closes automatically in case of five.

Our valves go through several quality checks as per industry standards. The valves are tested in high-end laboratories for performance and their ability to withstand the operating condition. Additionally, we also arrange for additional certifications as required by clients for meeting the quality standards.Sandwich type valves are fitted between to flanges of pipe joint.

At AEPL, we use our experience and expertise to produce high-quality valves that can serve the client’s purpose for several years with low maintenance costs.

Excess Flow Check Valves

Excess Flow Check Valves Series 3100

Excess Flow Check Valves Series 7100

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