Content Gauges

Content Gauge

AEPL is one of the reputed liquid level gauge manufacturers in India. We produce high-quality content gauges such as Rotogauge, Fixed Level Gauge, Slip Tube Gauge and Magnetic Level Gauge.

Every liquid or gas present in a storage tank comes with a capacity limit to maintain safety standards. Contents gauges act as indicators to determine the level of the contents in the tank to limit it from rising beyond the normal capacity.As per the requirement of the client projects, we can customise the product w.r.t. size, material used, design pressure etc.

The standard Anil-make Fixed Level Gauge are manufactured with high precision to avoid over filling of contents. Our experts utilise their decades of experience to produce gauges as per the approved drawings by clients. To ensure high-quality products, the manufacturing process undergoes inspection by a third party.

Brass is used to make the standard content gauge. Stainless Steel can also be used to construct the content gauge to suit the characteristics of the content. Our standard fixed level gauge comes with a tube extension to suit the Tank ID. This tube limits the filling to a maximum of 85%.

AEPL is one of the trusted liquid level gauge manufacturers based in India. Leading public and private organisations in India have partnered with us to acquire durable content gauges for their various plants.

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