Top Things To Know Before Purchasing The Perfect Sliding Vane Pump In Your Budget

Top Things To Know Before Purchasing The Perfect Sliding Vane Pump In Your Budget
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There are several types of vacuum pumps offered by sliding vane pump manufacturers in India. To be clear, the sliding vane pumps are also known as rotary vane pumps in the market. Let’s understand the various aspects of a vane pump in detail to help you find the right pump model as per your budget.

Sliding vane pumps are vacuum pumps where a volume displacement is generated through the centrifugal force caused by the vanes to create the vacuum effect. The sliding vanes or blades in a sliding vane pump are placed inside a rotor which rotates in a circular housing.
Here are the top five things to consider while purchasing the perfect sliding vane pump that’s within your budget:

1. Fluid Viscosity

Check for vane pump models as per the viscosity of the fluids that you intend to transfer through the pump. Sliding Vane Pump suppliers in India provide specific pump models available for fluids with low viscosity such as Ammonia and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Generally, vane pumps are not suitable for high viscosity fluids.

2. Pressure Control

Learn about the pressure specifications of the vane pump. The sliding vane pumps generally have the capability for generation of high pressure as required in applications with low flow rate. AEPL is among the sliding vane pump manufacturers in India that sell vane pumps with in-built by-pass arrangement for enabling the necessary pressure control.

3. Quality

Explore the materials used to manufacture the sliding vane pump and its components. Check the seal quality and the sturdiness of the pump casing. Reputed manufacturers usually offer vane pumps built using carbon graphite.

Vacuum pumps with performance industry-recognised test certificates can be a great way to check the quality assurance provided by the manufacturers. The quality of the pump is as important as pricing. A good quality pump can bear the wear and tear of regular usage and last longer with low maintenance costs.

4. Applications

Vane pumps are ideal for applications involving liquefied gases, chemical handling, LPG, alcohols and solvents, petroleum etc. Discuss your application with sliding vane pump suppliers in India to find the right pump based on your requirements.

5. Pump Features

While buying a vane pump, tell your supplier whether you want a stationary or truck mounting. A reliable pump manufacturer will give you pump options that assure quiet operations, high volumetric efficiency and low consumption of power.

Another important factor to determine would be the capacity of the vane pump that you want to purchase. Other critical parts of a vane pump are a vacuum relief valve, inlet filter, vibration isolators etc. Also, discuss your vacuum requirements with your supplier to ensure that you get the right pump configuration.

Finally, based on the specifications and pricing, you can shortlist suitable pump models. Your supplier can guide you about the reputation of the manufacturer and customer experience of the various pump models.

If you are looking for sliding vane pump manufacturers in India to buy the perfect sliding vane pump for your needs, check out the vibration-free sliding vane pump models offered by AEPL. The pumps are made of high quality cast carbon steel A216 WCB and are easy to install. Your sliding vane pump can be customised as per the application.

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