Tips To Select A Vane Pump For High-Pressure Applications

Tips To Select A Vane Pump For High-Pressure Applications
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Do you have several options to consider while selecting a vane pump? Vane pump manufacturers offer several models with varying pressure ranges. Exploring the specs of each model can help in choosing a vane pump that’s suitable for your high-pressure application. Let’s find out what aspects you need to examine in a vane pump to select the right one as per your needs.

There is a reason why people use vane pumps. These pumps are preferred because they are compact and light-weight. They are easy to install and are known for quiet operations. That’s the reason, vane pump suppliers provide cost-effective models assuring high volumetric efficiency with precisely made machine parts.

Does chemical resistance matter to you?

What’s the fluid that will pass through the pump? Do you need high chemical resistance or will moderate chemical resistance be good enough for you? Note down the chemical composition and consistency of the fluid that will pass through the pump.

Also, check the mounting features of your shortlisted pump models. Vane pump suppliers can give you models with the flexibility to choose stationary or truck mounting. Find out how your pump will be placed and decide about the mounting accordingly.

What are the pressure specifications of your desired vane pump?

Based on your application, you need to determine the differential pressure and maximum working pressure of your desired vane pump.

Generally, low-pressure vane pumps are used in emission systems of automobiles. Mid-pressure vane pumps are suitable for applications such as espresso machines in the F&B industry.

So, where do we use high-pressure vane pumps? Vane pumps meant for high-pressure applications are valuable in transferring highly inflammable gases such as LPG and NH3.

But, how are these pumps able to maintain optimum performance? The answer is simple. Vane pumps do not have any internal metal-to-metal contact system and this enables them to handle the non-lubricating liquids easily.

Thinking about what mechanism will help control the pressures? Well, a built-in by-pass arrangement that’s found in pumps such as Anil Vane pump works perfectly to control the delivery pressures.

Worried about the maintenance…

Look for experienced vane pump manufacturers who have a good track record of providing engineering components. When it comes to maintenance, reliable vane pump suppliers will be able to deliver well-designed short shaft with heavy duty bearings.

Finally, a robust design ensures vibration-free operations and less frequent maintenance cycles. You can also save costs by opting for vane pumps that consume less power.

Before buying a vane pump…

As you already know, there are several types of vane pumps available in the market. If you have a high-pressure vane pump requirement, compare the technical specifications of the pump models that are available. Technical experts who represent reputed vane pump suppliers in India can be of great assistance. Discuss your specific needs with them and allow them to help you find the right vane pump.

You can check out vane pump suppliers such as AEPL who have well-qualified, in-house engineering experts to support you. At AEPL, the standard Anil vane pump comes with a cast carbon steel body, AISI 304 shaft, neoprene stationary seals along with mechanical rotary seals.

To discuss the specifications of vane pumps for your project, contact AEPL experts at +919326946681

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