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A sliding vane pump has several vanes that can freely slide into or out of slots in the rotor.

When the pump driver turns the rotor, the vanes move outward in their slots.

The vanes bear against the inner bore of the casing that forms the pump chambers.It happens due to the centrifugal force, pressurized fluid, and rods.

Due to the sliding motion, these pumps offer better efficiency and less wear and tear.

What is the benefit of sliding vane technology?

It brings optimized performance due to high Volumatic efficiency and low slippage. Sliding vane pump can be used in applications at lower viscosity as compared to other positive displacement pumps.

How is the efficiency of the vane pump calculated?

Experts say that one can experience a drop in efficiency before replacement. The drop could be as high as 25 percent.

The average efficiency ranges between 50 percent and 60 percent. The more accurately you know the efficiency, the more accurate you can calculate energy efficiency.

Sliding vane pumps are considered the best to resolve the pumping system efficiency issues because of their qualities such as low initial cost, easy installation, and energy cost saving.

Why are Aeplglobe pumps the best?

AEPL is one of the top sliding vane pump suppliers in India. Every product offered by AEPL is tested and verified by engineers to assure value for money.

Longer life, quieter performance, and less maintenance lead to the better running system and efficient energy consumption.

Other pumps are less efficient. Due to the wear of metal parts, an increase in clearance is prevalent in these pumps.

AEPL makes sliding vane pumps that stand ahead of others in mechanical efficiency. They are used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

When the industrial application wants to move liquified gases, liquid chemicals, or other fluids, sliding vane pumps are ideal.

Due to the constant flow of liquid through the cavity, this pump can handle heavy volumes.

Outstanding features of AEPL Vane pumps

AEPL makes various models of vane pump suitable for low-viscosity fluids such as Ammonia and LPG.Due to their lightweight and easy installation and maintenance, these pumps are preferred by a variety of industrial users.

  • The company brings the whole array of standard models such as 55S, 55F, 58S, and 58F with capacities ranging from 50GPM to 90GPM.
  • Based on user requirements, it can make bespoke pumps up to 350 GPM capacity also. The pumps made by AEPL outshine due to their high-end technology and precisely machined components. Its unique built-in-pass arrangement assures an even pressure control.
  • The use of shorter shafts makes AEPL vane pumps 100% vibration-free.

AEPL is one of the recognized andreputed sliding vane pump suppliers in India. It offers a guarantee of soundless operations and higher volume efficiency. It is a renowned and reputed pump manufacturer that follows stringent quality standards.

If you are searching for a superior quality sliding vane pump that can withstand wear and tear, and offer long-lasting service, then AEPL is the only choice.

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