How To Choose The Right LPG Valve As Per Your Requirement?

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) constitutes hydrocarbons such as propane and butane. It is an odourless and inflammable fuel which requires the right components for safe usage in various applications. LPG valve manufacturers offer different types of valves such as safety relief valve, ball valve, etc. for the handling of LPG. Let’s take a look at some of the factors to choose the perfect LPG valve for your requirement.

1.  Quality of the valve

Safety valves are manufactured in accordance with the leading quality standards by reputed LPG gas valve manufacturers. India’s ball valve manufacturers offer a wide range of valves for LPG applications that have passed the IS quality standards such as IS: 4576.

2.  Application of LPG valve

LPG valves are used as cooking fuels and for a number of industrial as well as commercial applications. Discuss your requirement with a valve manufacturer to understand what kind of valve will be suitable for your application.

3. Performance of the valve

The purpose of a pressure safety valve is to protect the life and property in the LPG environment from hazards due to overpressure. Choose the valve model that will open effectively at the set pressure.

While handling pressure in boilers, the Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) of the equipment should be considered before selecting a valve. The safety valve must be set to open at or below the equipment’s MAWP. Discuss the set pressure of your valve with your valve manufacturer while choosing a valve.

4. Features of the valve

Safety valves come in standard sizes with different kinds of inlet and outlet connections. For common applications, you may find your perfect valve among the range of standard size valves available in the market. If you have a specialised project or mechanism, you may need to customise the valve features such as material, design, type, etc.


The features of the valve impact its performance. So, list down the performance expectations from the valve, then look for the valve with the right features. For example, the temperature can affect the viscosity of the gas or fluid passing through the mechanism. Materials such as steel, iron, and bronze can give varying output for a particular application where the temperature of the contents passing through the valve has to be kept within a specific range. So, choose the material for the valve as per the temperature guidelines for your desired application.

5. Cost and Maintenance

For your requirement, you may have a budget. Your procurement cost will be higher if you go for a customised valve. Also, during the maintenance of the valve, you may get standard valves easily but for customised valves your replacement costs may be higher.


You need to choose an expert among LPG valve manufacturers to get the best valves at the best rates. Additionally, note that you are researching to choose a valve for ensuring safety so you should consider expanding your budget to a comfortable extent instead of compromising the safety of your people and property which can turn out to be more expensive if overlooked.

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