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We are leading Auto LPG Dispensing Station Manufacturer offering services for installation of Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS) in India. Increasing concerns on pollution have compelled many automobile users to switch to vehicles that consume a cleaner alternative fuel. LPG is considered as an alternative to gasoline which causes pollution through hydrocarbon emissions and nitrogen oxide.

How safe is Auto LPG?

LPG is a safe fuel that is already being used widely across households for cooking. Additionally, the LPG Dispensing station is designed by scientific and engineering experts for safer use of this alternate fuel to gasoline.
As a responsible Auto LPG Dispensing station supplier, we follow stringent guidelines to ensure a safer retail experience for automobile users.

Technical Data:

  • Underground LPG Tank :  7.5 / 10 kl / 20 kl.
  • LPG Dispenser :   1 / 2 Nozzles.
  • Dispensing Pump :  Submersible / Aboveground
  • Fill Point :   Smart Hoses
  • Filter : 5 microns
  • Transfer Pump :  200 LPM
  • Servo Stabilizer :  15 KVA


Auto LPG is used by automobiles that operate on alternative fuel. As a reliable Auto LPG Dispensing station manufacturer & supplier, we offer solutions to safely use the clean fuel in automobiles. A LPG Dispensing station can dispense as much as 8000 L per day of fuel.

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